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  • 17
  • Oct

Free Health Checkup Camp

  • Starts at 9 Am
  • Bengaluru

Pranitha Foundation in association with Vitor Healthsciences Pvt Ltd will be conducting the following tests free of cost for 250 people on a first-come first-served basis.
1. ECG
2. Pulse
3. Blood Sugar
4. Blood Pressure
5. Hemoglobin
6. Eye Test
7. Oxygen Saturation

Prescription Eye Glasses will also be provided for the needy – free of cost.

Do join us for lunch with Pranitha Subhash at 12.30 p.m.

Vitor Healthsciences Pvt Ltd - A combination of Vitality + Vigor, whose primary purpose is to help people discover good health and empower them to proactively engage with it – in a simple, confident and everyday manner. There is a need to recognize the growing risk of lifestyle diseases and to change human behavior to prevent these diseases. The healthcare system needs to be complemented to support people efficiently and affordably.

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